But is it art?

The artifact considered in this essay is a pop culture item. Specifically, the fifth edition of the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) rules set. D&D has remained in publication for more than 40 years. This fantasy game inspired the creation of the entire role-playing game (RPG) hobby, influenced the development of computer games, inspired movies, and triggered political movements according to Aaron Trammel and his history of the hobby. The game is a part of American popular culture, with an impact difficult to measure (Trammell, 2013). The question is, can RPGs – as typified by D&D fifth edition – be considered an art form unto themselves? 

My highfalutin statement of purpose

Welcome to the podcast that takes a critical approach to RPGs. I ran a podcast review show of RPGs and related materials some years ago, and the new show is a variation on that theme. It will be a more academic and critical approach to the material. There are several reasons for this change. For one, RPGs are an art form – RPGs deserve this kind of approach as a unique form. Also, this lets me use the skills I acquired in graduate school. Finally, it allows me and my massive ego to strut around.