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Robert Sullivan is a bit like the Hank Snow and Willie Nelson song “I’ve Been Everywhere.” He is also home to a lot of skills, talents and interests.


Robert Sullivan

I am originally from rural East Texas. But I have lived in Eastern Europe and the South Pacific owing to some great jobs. Most of my career has involved communication, rhetoric, and public relations. This site lets me explore, and express, my interests and skills.

A position where there is a need for an individual with a talent for communication planning, public speaking, brand management, team leadership, networking, and social perceptiveness.

• Communication, Media                   
• Microsoft Suite                    
• Video Production
• Client, Personal Service                  
• Adobe Suite                         
• Graphic Design
• Project Management                        
• Social Media Marketing      
• Google Analytics-AdWords

The University of Texas at Tyler, 2016 – 2018
Master of Arts in Communication
Cum Laude

The University of Texas at Tyler, 1994 – 1997
Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication
Major: Journalism
Minor: Theatre

SPREP, Apia, Samoa 2019-2020
Peace Corps Volunteer, Samoa – Behavior Change Specialist
• Successfully developed and executed a “greening of the games” campaign for an international event.
• Worked closely with a network of partners, Samoan and other international organizations, to achieve goals on multiple projects with deadlines, budgets and agendas.
• Reached people with a “green friendly” message through multiple channels, including social media, radio and TV spots, videos, and conducting surveys.
• Composed and used survey and after-action reports to provide tools for future efforts at “greening” public events.

The University of Texas at Tyler, Communication Department, Tyler, Texas 2017-2018
Editor in Chief         
• Managed the work of a team of student staffers, including on the campus newspaper, on the student YouTube channel, and on social media, and evaluated productivity and effectiveness.
• Developed specific goals, deadlines, and plans to prioritize, and accomplish the work of the student media, both in the short term (bi-weekly), and in the long term (across a semester). This served to maximize productivity.
• Leadership resulted in 17 awards across multiple categories, including writing, editing, graphic design, and photography.

University of Texas at Tyler, The Graduate School & Communication Dept. Tyler, Texas 2017
Graduate Student Recruiting Assistant
• Developed a comprehensive social media marketing plan to recruit graduate students, based on evaluating the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns of competing universities by using appropriate industry-standard metrics.
• Drafted a report and a plan of action for the best solutions based on the analysis results.

ETCADA, Henderson County, Texas, 2014 – 2016
Community Coalition Coordinator
• Focused on fighting substance abuse by young people, handled media relations.
• Oversaw the general quality control of all ETCADA marketing deliverables in Henderson County.
• Scheduled and successfully executed public events, and maintained a budget by cultivating partnerships with members of the community.
• Provided information to supervisors, co-workers, and stake-holders by telephone, in written form, e-mail, or in person.
YMCA Gabrovo, Bulgaria, 2011 – 2012
Peace Corps Volunteer, Development Consultant
• Worked with the Peace Corps Bulgaria and YMCA Gabrovo to ensure that brand standards were respected and enforced.
• Communicated with stakeholders and clients outside the organizations – both the Peace Corps and the YMCA Gabrovo – and represented both organizations to the general public, the Bulgarian government, and other external sources. This information was exchanged in person, in writing, by telephone, and by e-mail.
• Arranged for guest speaker Richard Damstra from the American Embassy to appear at the 20th anniversary celebration of the YMCA Gabrovo, an event attended by 600 people. This served to boost the brand.
• Coordinated successfully, and marketed, a large-scale public event promoting AIDS/HIV Awareness, an event designed to educate young people about a difficult subject.

Actor, stage hand, support staff, donor, Henderson County Performing Art Center
Member, Southern States Communication Association