There is talk on Twitter that Twitter is doomed.

I am ambivalent.

I doubt Twitter will collapse anytime soon. It is manifestly going through trouble now that Musk has taken over. In asserting his authority, he has either fired or driven away any of the people that kept the company working at the level it did. So, Twitter will work at a worse level. That is something both sobering and funny.

The melodrama surrounding Musk’s leadership of Twitter is more interesting than the direct consequences of his actions. I do not work for Twitter, am not an investor, and nothing about my finances depends on the site.

Here is a prediction for you; Twitter will endure, and financial pundits will praise Musk for his leadership skills. They will cite his direction for getting rid of “dead weight” and making it profitable. Musk is now a part of America’s financial nobility and socially cannot fail. Or at least he cannot be allowed to fail – the country will save him from himself.

For years Twitter users have complained about Twitter. Too many people have called it a “hell site” for me to find out who started using that term. Twitter has helped some people connect and served as a way for revolutionaries to communicate. But in the aggregate, the site seems to have done more harm than good.

I forced myself to reduce my use of Facebook years ago – it was and is a time-sucking pit. I only keep my Facebook account to see new photos of my family. Anyway, I am going to do the same thing with Twitter. It is also a time-sucking pit full of horrible people, artificial people, and horrible artificial people.

This is not going to cost me much.

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